Exterior Paints

Ultimate Low Lustre House Paint

The best longest lasting Low Lustre paint you can use to protect and beautify your house. Muralo
Ultimate Low Lustre is formulated with an advanced 100% acrylic resin emulsion to produce
increased film build for improved one coat hiding, grain crack resistance, and long term exterior
durability. It offers all the advantages of an acrylic latex such as tenacious adhesion to any new or properly prepared old weathered surfaces, resistance to cracking and peeling, excellent color retention, outstanding alkali resistance especially important for painting new masonry, ease of application and water clean up. It goes on smoother and dries fast to an attractive protective low lustre finish that lasts for years.Available in White and ready-made colors.Quarts and Gallons.

Ultimate Mid Gloss House & Trim Paint

The Ultimate in exterior refinishing. Mid Gloss House & Trim Paint is formulated with Muralo’s
own innovative 100% acrylic resin for years of long lasting protection. This durable finish
provides a soft, pleasing gloss, which resists dirt collection, has excellent color and gloss retention
and has superior flow and leveling…even when brushed.  Designed with tenacious adhesion, use it with confidence over any exterior surface including aluminum and vinyl siding.Available in White and ready-made colors.Quarts and Gallons.

                                       Quarts 100 Square Feet
                                      Gallons 400 Square Feet

                Not sure how much you need use area converter link below: